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Self-representation in a personal injury lawsuit has some benefits, but hiring a lawyer has many more benefits.

The Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Tacoma

If you are looking for the best personal injury law firm in Tacoma, look no further than Troup, Christnacht, Ladenburg, McKasy, Durkin & Speir, Inc., P.S (or TCLMD). We are the best because we have a highly qualified and experienced team with the likes of Frank B. Ladenburg, Jr. who was a Washington Law & Politics magazine ‘Super Lawyer’ for the years 2003 to 2009, Michael J. McKasy, another ‘Super Lawyer’, John J. Durkin who is a member of the invitation-only American Board of Trial Lawyers and a ‘Super Lawyer’, Shelly K Speir who is a ‘Super Lawyer – Rising Star’, and James F. Christnacht. We have won many top-dollar and high profile cases over the years, including a case worth $4,000,000, two worth over $2,000,000, and several worth over $1,000,000.

Representation in Different Personal Injury Lawsuits and other Lawsuits

We represent clients in different types of personal injury lawsuits involving dog bites, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, construction site accidents, product liability, burn injuries, and brain injuries. At Troup, Christnacht, Ladenburg, McKasy, Durkin & Speir, Inc., P.S, we also represent clients in medical malpractice cases and cases involving estate planning, arbitration and mediation, criminal driving offenses, probate and guardianship, tenant representation, and insurance disputes.

Professional Representation for a Better Chance of Winning

  • Our lawyers have the training and experience necessary to represent you in a court of law and in an out-of-court settlement. They also know the paperwork to file and such matters as the statute of limitation.


  • TCLMD lawyers know their way around the court and they have valuable contacts with court clerks, the police, and private investigators.


  • Hiring TCLMD lawyers means you will have enough time to heal and it means you get to concentrate on your job and your social life.
  • You are unlikely to have what it takes to coerce reluctant witnesses, but a TCLMD lawyer will. TCLMD lawyers will not be intimidated by the opposing legal team as you are likely to be.
  • We have the necessary resources for your case such as a library and conference facilities.
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There are several plumbers in and around Tacoma, but you should choose carefully to ensure you get value for money.  Stop Freakin…Call Beacon at 253.655.4599 for same day service.

Reputable Tacoma Plumber

You should come to Beacon Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. We are the best plumbers in the Pierce, Thurston, and South King Counties area because we have been in the business of offering residential and commercial plumbing solutions since 1999. The labor guarantee we offer is proof that we believe in the quality of our service.

Our plumbing team is well-trained and experienced. We are licensed by the relevant state regulatory bodies (visit for licensing information) and we carry professional indemnity insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. We are also bonded. If you are still doubtful about our reputation, check reviews online.

We have some of the best plumbing rates in the area. We will not charge you extra even if you call us at 3:00 AM at night. We will give you professional advice free of charge to help you prevent future plumbing problems and to help you identify plumbing problems before they exacerbate (which will save you a lot of money). We try to be as ‘green’ as possible by only using ‘green’ procedures and eco-friendly products.

A Locally-owned and Operated Tacoma Plumbing Company

We are locally owned and operated. You should hire us because vetting us is easier than vetting companies from outside Washington. You will be doing your part in promoting the local economy when you hire us. The fact that we are locally-owned means we understand the local problems and the local processes (such as how to obtain permits).

Comprehensive Plumbing Service

You should come to Beacon Plumbing because we offer comprehensive plumbing solutions. We have the latest and the best equipments and tools and we can handle the messiest and biggest plumbing projects. We are available 24/7, all year round since we understand that some plumbing problems such as water leaks cannot wait.

Our main plumbing services are broken pipes, leaks, water jetting, water backup, clogged drains, and clogged toilets. Our plumbing team will also do leak locating, TV camera line inspection, water line repairs, sewer replacements, septic system services, and water heater replacements and repairs. 

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There are many massage therapists in Summer, but some are better than others.

A Credible and Reliable Massage Therapist

Nicole Howard, LMP of Essential Healing is the best massage therapists around. She is qualified and licensed to offer different types of massages. She has been doing massages since 2009 and her longevity in the business is proof of her credibility and reliability.

A Wide Range of Massage Services

Nicole Howard, LMP is mostly known for her pregnancy massages. She is a qualified Pregnancy Doula specialist and she is trusted by mothers to offer care during the pregnancy and during labor. Her pregnancy massages are meant to relieve lower back and hip pains, to help with sleep, to ensure the mother and the baby are relaxed, to aid in blood circulation, to ease pregnancy headaches, to reduce joint swelling, and to boost the immune system. Her pregnancy massage sessions are also important in that they reassure mothers and their relatives, they help mothers learn the proper breathing for an easier delivery, and they offer comfort and physical support to the mother (visit for more benefits of prenatal massages).

We also have massage sessions for those who have muscular injuries resulting from sports injuries, workplace injuries, and auto accident injuries. The injury treatment massages are safe and site-specific. We offer our injury treatment massages with consultation with your chiropractor. We will help you come up with a ‘back-to-work’ treatment program because we have the necessary training and experience.

At Essential Healing, we also offer deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, and reflexology massages to simply help you relax, to help you sleep better, and for many other benefits. You could buy a massage session and give it to a loved on as a gift. He/she will never forget it.

Convenient Massages

You get to choose the duration of your massage. You can book a massage session through the phone and via email. You can pick massage hours when it is most convenient to you on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Your privacy and dignity are of the utmost importance and we do everything to ensure that you are comfortable.


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Go for a Washington custom homes company that offers the exact services you are looking for.

The Best Custom Homes Company

The best Washington custom homes company is Stringham Custom Homes. We are the best because we are licensed by the relevant regulatory bodies and we are insured and bonded. We ensure that every custom home project we undertake is completed in time (4 to 6 months for a whole house remodel and 7 to 60 days for a bathroom or kitchen remodel). We have custom home services fit for every budget.

Comprehensive Services by the Best Custom Homes Company

One of our custom home services is home additions. We could add an elevator, a garage, a game room, a mud room, a bar, a pool house, an exercise studio, a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, or any other room you need. Our service includes the design process.

Another of our custom home services is outdoor living area design and construction. We will help you build everything from a barbecue island to an outdoor wine refrigerator and from stainless steel grills to food storage areas. Our team will help turn your garage into a useful and functional space. We will include such features as remote control access in the design.

We Stringham Custom Homes, we will customize your home to include such features as hidden panic rooms, master suites, and home theaters. Our team is well trained and experienced in concrete works and we do everything from concrete crack repair to concrete engraving. Our major service is, however, kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Custom Homes for More Practical and Comfortable Home

  • Remodeling is important because it allows you to meet local fire and building codes.
  • We customize the home to ensure it is ‘green’.
  • Customization improves function (such as increasing the number of cabinets) and style.
  • Some customizations (such as asbestos inspection and removal) improve the health of all family members.
  • Remodeling includes the removal of rotting and damaged parts, which improves the structural integrity of the home. It is when customizing the home that you will notice problems that would have gone unnoticed.

Read more on home repairs and the importance of remodeling at and respectively.

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Go to a well-established electric services company to prevent the risk of electric fires.

The Best Electric Services Company in Washington

If you want the best electric services company in Washington, come to Provident Electric, Inc. You should come to us because we have been around since 1984, meaning our team has the experience necessary to do a good job. We use the latest technologies and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to ensure that we do quality work. We offer guarantees on labor and supplies.

Our engineers are state-certified and licensed (checkout for licensing information. We have worker’s compensation insurance for our 88 employees to ensure that you are not held liable in case of an accident that results in an injury or a fatality. Our engineers have professional indemnity insurance which is important in that it protects you from shoddy work.

Affordable Electric Services

At Provident Electric, Inc., we have some of the most competitive electrical services rates in the state. We only give estimates after assessing and inspecting your electrical situation. We have low rates when it comes to the cost of our services and to the cost of the parts we stock.

Comprehensive Service

We are a full-service electric company which is advantageous in that you do not have to look for different companies for the job (this offers convenience and cost benefits). We provide electrical services and products for electrical outlets, low voltage systems, line voltage systems, light fixtures, security systems, and vacuum systems. We are also involved in multi-family homes, home developments, and commercial accounts.

We are the best because we offer custom homeelectric services for single and multi-family homes. Different home owners have different personal styles, particular needs, and circumstances. We offer custom home electric services when it comes to wine cellars, hot tubs, home theaters, walkway lighting, patio lighting, floor lighting, sound system, and race and train tracks, among others.

Another reason why you should come to us for your electrical services is that we have a fully-stocked warehouse where you can order parts for delivery within 24 hours. We also have an emergency line that is on 24/7 since we understand that some electrical problems cannot go unattended.


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