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Lush green trees make a welcome addition to every property, residential or commercial. Having thriving trees on your place is not easy; you have to plan for it. Planting them in the right and fertile location, making sure nothing will hinder their development or put them at risk as they grow, looking for and treating diseases or pest infestations, periodic topping and pruning, crown raising, removal of damaged/decayed/dead trees, etc. are some things that have to be done. And you need tree service professionals for it all.

Trying to save on a few dollars by avoiding expert help can prove expensive! The residents of Tacoma should hire the reputable Hunter’s Tree Service to get the superior tree services that are essential to have healthy trees on your place.

Certified Arborists Servicing the Tacoma Area

Nobody can care for the trees on your property as well as a qualified arborist can. A certified arborist is a professional with specialized knowledge of tree care that comes from study and experience.

Hunter’s Tree Service employs highly knowledgeable and trained, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists to offer exceptional tree services to the people of Tacoma. Our arborists are diligent tree service specialists who keep themselves updated on the latest arboriculture techniques. Their expertise is a must if you want to maintain well-cared for and attractive trees that add to the value of your property.

The services offered by our professionals include

  •  Diagnosing and treating diseased tree
  •  Tree climbing and pruning
  •  Landscaping and new tree planting
  •  Storm damaged assessment
  •  Cabling protection
  •  Consultation and report writing

Experienced Tree Service Professionals in Tacoma

Healthy trees add a lot of aesthetic appeal, personality and value to a property. However, keeping the trees healthy is not something you can leave to nature alone. Proper tree care and maintenance services are a must to ensure that your trees are free of disease or insects and look neat and beautiful.

Comprehensive tree care is something that calls for a particular expertise and is a job that is best left to experienced tree service professionals. Some tree service jobs such as pruning tall trees, removing decaying or dead trees, etc. can be quite big and dangerous. Get in touch with Hunter’s Tree Service and hire our certified arborists to provide the right care that your trees need.


Hire reputable tree services expert and give the trees on your residential or commercial property the best possible care. Call Hunter’s Tree Service at (253) 777-1938.

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Cleaning and opening choked drains may seem like a simple task to you. However, you will realize its gravity if you attempt to do it on your own. Drain cleaning is a job that calls for a particular expertise, specific knowledge and specialized equipment.

Drains can get clogged due to a number of reasons such as root damage, corroded parts of drain pipe and build-up of grease, hair, sludge, etc. Only an experienced professional knows what it takes to clean them. The people of Auburn who need quick, efficient and affordable drain pipe cleaning will find Lee’s Sanitation Service the best option to serve their needs.

We use the advanced video inspection technology to locate the exact source of problem. Then, we decide on the most suitable pipe cleaning methods to make your drainage system functional again.

Rooter Service to Make Drain Pipes in Auburn Functional

Solve your plumbing problems before they take root!

Even as you admire the beautiful trees growing in your yard, the roots of these very trees might be creating problems in your plumbing systems. Tree roots tend to infiltrate the drain pipes that are laid out nearby and start hampering the flow of waste water through them. If undetected, the problem can grow to an alarming ratio and even cause the pipe to crack or break.

If you experience such issues on your property in Auburn, call Lee’s Sanitation Service. We offer professional rooter service, whereby we cut the tree roots and clear them out of your drain pipes. Our prompt and professional response ensures that your problem is solved and you are back to your routine in no time.

Drain Pipe Cleaning Experts Serving Auburn

Periodical cleaning goes a long way in limiting the sludge and grease build-up in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, sink, sewer and floor drains installed on your property. However, in spite of all care, emergencies may still come up in form of choked drains.

Often, people resort to over-the-counter chemical solutions to clear their clogged drain pipes. This does more harm than good over the long run and might cause the pipes to get perforated or broken. It is important to get the job done by a professional.

Whether you need regular drain cleaning or occasional rooter service, Lee’s Sanitation Service is the expert you should go to in Auburn. We have been serving the region since 1950 and have the right skills to fix your drain clogging problems in an error-free and lasting manner.


Call (253) 245-1080 to get schedule our impeccable drain cleaning services.

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Many homeowners think that siding is required only to enhance the visual appeal of a house and therefore, tend to save money by not getting it installed. However, the more aware people realize that siding installation is not an expense, but an important investment that pays itself back many times over by the benefits it brings. Apart from giving a distinct personality to the house, siding protects it from the extremities of weather and onslaught of pests.

If you want to improve the structural strength and safety of your home in Covington, you must maintain a solid home siding. The discerning homeowners in the region who are on the lookout of an ethical, customer-focused, siding contractor will be delighted by the services offered by Builders Service Company. We offer new vinyl siding installation, siding repair and siding replacement.

Vinyl Siding Installation in Covington Homes

Nothing can change the look of your home without making major architectural modifications like a new siding can. There was a time when homeowners had only a limited choice in siding. Not any more! Today, you have options such as engineered wood, aluminum, brick veneer, vinyl, steel and more. You can actually have a tough time making the right choice!

At Builders Service Company, we believe that vinyl siding installation is the best thing when you want to fortify your home with something that is as economical, strong and durable as it is beautiful. The Preservation premium vinyl replacement siding that we offer is a superior product that looks great, needs minimal maintenance and even increases your home’s insulation.

Siding Repair to Secure Your Home in Covington

Even the best of sidings need to be repaired occasionally before being replaced ultimately. We would advice you to get timely repairs for your home’s siding to get maximum years of service from it.

As a licensed siding contractor who has been servicing the Covington area for nearly 40 years, we are an expert you can rely on for genuine guidance and services. We strive to work in our customers’ best interests and would never recommend services they don’t need. If it is just a simple siding repair that can set things right for you, you can be sure that is exactly what we will suggest.

Providing excellence, quality and professionalism on every single project is our motto and we have always endeavored to stay true to it.

Call (888) 980-8580 to schedule a consultation with Builders Service Company. Know how we can help make your home more safe and strong.

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Oh no! Have you locked yourself out of your car or truck?

All those who have had this terrible experience of locking their vehicle without realizing that they had left the keys inside would understand how annoying, frustrating and embarrassing the situation can be.

In this mad rush of life, you often make such mistakes that leave you helpless and ruing your absent-mindedness. To make matters worse, car and truck lockout usually happens when you are already in a great hurry and don’t have the time to go collect the spare set of keys that you might have at your home.

Well, there is no need to panic; simply call ABC Towing. Our operator will be out there in no time to help you out of your misery. We offer specialized lockout services and use special lockout tools to unlock your vehicle very fast without damaging it one bit. We understand that you can need our assistance any time of the day, and therefore, are available 24/7.

Professional Help for Car and Truck Lockout in Seattle

It takes just a second of carelessness to get locked out of your vehicle, but getting back in not that easy, more so when you try to do so on your own. If you thought you could get out of the problem by jamming something in to pop up the lock, thing again! You might end up damaging the sophisticated door electronics or even the air bag system, adding to your worries and loss.

It is always advisable to get professional lockout services. Our skilled operators can open your car or truck within 2 minutes without scratching or dinging it at all.

To avail our car and truck lockout service, you have to be the registered owner of the vehicle.

Specialized Lockout Tools to Help Seattle Vehicle Owners

The increasing need for and emphasis on safety has led the automotive manufacturers to install complex lock systems on their vehicles. While this bodes well for all automobile owners, it does pose a problem in case you get locked out.

Don’t worry when we are here to help you. We come prepared with specialized lockout tools such as

  •  Lock picks
  •  Pump wedges
  •  Jiffy-Jak
  •  Long reach tools

We can unlock all makes and models of all types of vehicles. Whether you are locked out of your car, truck, van, commercial vehicle or any other, we can help you.

Call us at (206) 457-2530. Keep our number handy. You never know when you might need our lockout services!

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For almost everyone, a bathroom is like a very private space where you spend quite some time daily. You want it to be a tranquil, organized and clean space and therefore, spend a considerable amount of time and money on choosing the best possible fittings for completing a an elegant bathroom. However, all this investment can come to a naught if the bath fittings and plumbing system are not installed by an expert plumber.

The residents of Seattle need have no such worries as they have Beacon Plumbing at hand to answer all their bathroom plumbing and remodeling requirements. Whether you need to install the plumbing for a new bathroom or require pipe repair and replacement to support a remodeling project, our technicians can handle any plumbing work that you may need.

Bathtub Plumbing by Seattle Plumbing Experts

Relaxing in the bathtub is a great way to wind-up a tiring day. Soaking in the warm water, one can actually feel all the stress of the day seeping out of the body. If you want to enjoy a good bath, it is important that the bathtub plumbing be of high order.

With time, you can have several problems with the bathtub. The tub drain can get clogged with hair build-up and other debris or the faucets can start dripping, leaving unsightly water stains in the tub. The plumbing experts at Beacon Plumbing can take care of all such problems. Just a single call is what it takes for us to be at your place for resolving your bathtub plumbing issues. We conduct thorough inspection and impeccable repairs to restore your use of the bathtub.

Pipe Repair for Flawless Bathroom Remodeling

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, checking out the condition of the existing pipes is most essential. It won’t be much use putting in new fittings, bathtub, sinks, faucets, shower, etc. when the drain pipes they depend on are in bad shape. Therefore, pipe repair to fix all existing and impending pipe damages is the first thing to take care of if you want a bathroom that not only looks great, but is also very efficient.

Beacon Plumbing can help make sure that your bathroom remodeling investment does not go waste. We have been providing bathroom plumbing and remodeling services in Seattle since 1999 and have proved our expertise overall hundreds of successful projects.


Stop Freakin…Call Beacon. We are ready to attend to your bathroom plumbing and remodeling needs at all times of the day. Get in touch with us at (206) 452-3130.

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When it comes to countertops and slabs, granite enjoys universal popularity and is the number one choice for doing up kitchens and bathrooms. Some of the qualities that make it a very desirable material are:

  •  Looks beautiful and adds to home’s value
  •  Resistant to heat and scratches
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Hygienic, resists bacterial contamination
  •  Durable; retains luminous appearance for long

At Allied Marble & Granite, Inc., we encourage the residents of Seattle to get granite countertops and granite backsplashes created out of granite slabs for increasing the beauty and efficiency of their kitchens. You can place the heaviest of appliances on the countertops or keep hot utensils on it without a fear. It will easily bear the abrasions that are normal in a kitchen and not show up the worse for it.

Best Granite Slabs in Seattle for Your Kitchen

Though tiles are used sometimes for creating the backsplash to a granite countertop, the impact made by granite slabs when they are used as backsplashes is something else. A stylish and strong granite slab offers the perfect complement to the countertop and accentuates it like no other thing can.

The residents of Seattle should shop with Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. for the perfect slabs to enhance their countertops. You can be sure of finding just the pattern and color shade you were looking for; we offer you a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. Our knowledgeable design staff can help you make the right decision by giving you an in-sight into how the chosen slab would look when installed in your kitchen.

Granite Backsplashes for Customers in Seattle

We are committed to helping the people of Seattle enjoy a kitchen of their dreams. With their refined tastes, delicate sense of style and keen eye for detail, our experts can be counted on for installing the most elegant granite backsplashes and countertops in your home.

Every family has its distinct lifestyle and fixed notions about the way its home should be furnished. Understanding this, we stock a large collection of granite countertops, slabs and backsplashes to cater to all preferences. Whether you like subtle designs or have an inclination for prominent patterns, we have products that will appeal to you. If you want your home to be the envy of the neighborhood, Allied Marble & Granite, Inc. can definitely help you.

Add functionality with a touch of elegance to your kitchen with our granite countertops. Call (206) 763-1311.

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There are several plumbing companies in South Prairie, but you should note that some are neither credible nor reliable and you should understand the qualities of a good plumbing company so as to make an informed decision.

The Best Plumber South Prairie

Come to Beacon Plumbing for your South Prairie plumbing needs. We are the best plumbing company around and our longevity in the business (the company was established in 1999) is proof of this. The Beacon Plumbing team is available 24/7 since we understand that some plumbing problems such as leaks cannot wait. We have some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

The Beacon Plumbing team is well-trained and experience. We carry workman’s compensation insurance for our employees and our plumbers have professional indemnity insurance. This indemnifies you in case of an accident and protects you from a shoddy job respectively. We are locally-owned and operated, meaning you will be doing your part to promote the local economy when you hire the Beacon Plumbing team.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services in South Prairie

You should come to us for South Prairie plumbing because we offer comprehensive service for commercial and residential clients. Our services include drain cleaning, water heater repair, boiler and heat pump repair, complete re-piping, septic tanks installation and repairs, water main installation and repairs, faucet, toilet, and sink installation and repair, and water line and sewer installation and repair. We will help you select the fixtures that best suit your particular needs. We also offer services revolving around commercial garbage disposal, and roots and clogs.

We also do kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Remodeling not only allows you to enjoy staying in your house, but it also increases the resale value of your home. We work day and night, including weekends, to ensure that we complete the work in good time.

Professional South Prairie Plumbing Service

Ours is a professional plumbing company. We are licensed by the relevant Washington regulatory bodies and the use the latest and the best technologies and tools. We put our customers first and you can read independent reviews or seek recommendations to confirm this. Our plumbing company will clean up after the job is done.

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You could do DIY plumbing to save money, but hiring a professional plumber has more benefits.

A Credible Seattle Plumbing Company

Beacon Plumbing has been serving clients in the Seattle area since 1999. We have a credible and reliable plumbing team that has the training and experience necessary for the job. Our team uses the latest in plumbing technology and the latest tools. The team is certified, meaning there is no risk of the voiding of your warranty.

You should hire a Beacon Plumbing team for your plumbing because we offer plumbing services around the clock, even during the weekends, since we know plumbing problems cannot wait. We offer comprehensive service ranging from sewer installation and maintenance to de-rooting. Our licensing, bonding, and insurance are also proof of our credibility.

Positive Seattle Plumbing Reviews

Another proof of our credibility and reliability is the many positive plumbing reviews that have been written about us. You should go through these reviews because they give both the pros and the cons of our service. You will learn such things as the time it takes for us to complete the job, the approach we take, the cost of our services, and how trustworthy our team is. These plumbing reviews are available online and in such publications as home improvement magazines.

Advantages of Professional Seattle Plumbing

  • You should hire a Beacon Plumbing plumber over DIY plumbing because a plumber will have the tools, equipment, and supplies necessary for the job. The fact that you do not have to buy these means the project will end up costing much less.
  • You are unlikely to have the training and experience necessary to do a good job. DIY plumbing could lead to the exacerbation of the problem.
  • You will void the warranty the moment you attempt DIY plumbing.
  • Hire a Beacon Plumbing plumber because of your safety. Some plumbing repairs and installations could be dangerous if you do not have the necessary safety gear, experience, and training.
  • You will have peace of mind if you know that a professional plumber is on the job.
  • The Beacon Plumbingteam understands such things as codes and rules and we will take care of such things as permits.
  • Come to us for unparalleled convenience. Plumbing takes a lot of time, energy, and effort and it could interfere with your social life or your business/job.
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You want your pizza to arrive quickly and to have a great taste, but what other qualities should you be on the lookout for when it comes to searching for a Maple Valley pizza delivery company?

Professional Maple Valley Pizza Delivery Company

Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta is one of the most professional Maple Valley pizza delivery companies as evidenced by our hygienic preparation of our traditional Italian pizzas and our well-trained and experienced team. We are licensed by the relevant Washington regulatory bodies and we abide with all the laid out food safety regulations. You get to choose from different pizza recipes, meaning there is something for everyone. Ours are some of the best pizza prices around.

Quality Maple Valley Pizzas

At Frankie’s Pizza and Pasta, we pride ourselves in quality gourmet pizza. You get to choose from different options of Buffalo chicken (such as bleu cheese dressing and pepperoncini and green onions), barbeque chicken such as marinated BBQ chicken, lemon pepper chicken such as lemon pepper marinated chicken, and creamy pesto chicken like pesto ranch sauce with chicken. Other than the chickens, we also have different options of Roma tomato and garlic and pesto veggie.

We also have traditional pizza for those who love the classic pizza taste. In our traditional pizza selection are different options of deluxe cheese such as pepperoni extreme and veggie such as mushrooms. Others are Frankie’s Special Pizza, meat SI, Kahuna, Super Kahuna, and half/half traditional & gourmet pizza. You also get to create your own pizza. Other than our pizzas, we also have Hot’N’Spicy chicken wings, breadsticks, boneless chicken wings, different salads such as Caesar salad, garden salad, Greek salad, and spinach salad, and different beverages such as soda, Dasani bottled water, unsweetened team, vitamin water, Barq’s root beer, green team, and Minute Maid lemonade.

Online Maple Valley Pizza Ordering

You can do online pizza ordering. This is important because it gives you unparalleled convenience and it saves you money. Online pizza ordering is also advantageous in that it offers anonymity, making this the best option if you want to surprise a loved one with pizza.

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The engine is the heart of your vehicle! Put some gas into your machine and the engine will power it down the road. If you want your automobile to go the distance, treat its engine well.

Take the help of Tacoma’s leading automotive engine experts, Austin’s Pro Max to keep your engines in good shape. We offer engine repair services for all sorts of problems, including

  •  Engine seizing
  •  Engine misfires
  •  Overheating
  •  Cracked engine blocks
  •  Intake manifold leaks
  •  Blown head gaskets

In every car or truck engine repair job that we handle, the defective parts are repaired flawlessly and the damaged or worn-out parts are replaced with quality parts. Our services are sure to result in better road performance and fuel efficiency from your vehicle.

Tacoma Expert offering Car Engine Repair

If you notice problems with your car such as excessive fuel consumption, low oil pressure, tapping and knocking sounds or excessive smoke coming out of the tailpipe, it might indicate that the engine is not working properly. Usual mileage-related wear & tear, lubrication issues and poor maintenance are some of the common causes behind such engine issues.
Interested in avoiding a huge automotive repair bill? Get the required car engine repair in time to contain the problem before it flares up into a more major defect. At Austin’s Pro Max, we maintain a crew that has all the training, knowledge and experience that is essential to deliver quality engine repair services. We handle more than 2000 vehicles every year and perform car engine repair on all automobile makes and models.

Truck Engine Repair Professional Serving Tacoma

Just as you take care of your own health, you must take good care of your truck’s health if you want it to serve you efficiently for long years. Though preventive maintenance and timely repairs is necessary for all automotive components, your truck’s engine deserves special attention.

For truck owners who want nothing but the best engine services in Tacoma for their prized machines, Austin’s Pro Max is the number one option. We inspect your engine minutely to make precise assessment of issues and set them right with an exceptionally high level of truck engine repair expertise. Using the latest in automotive repair technology, we assure you of having the engine revved up and your truck ready to glide on the roads in no time.


Don’t jeopardize your safety. Don’t risk getting stranded on the road. Call us at (253) 777-1953 for fast and accurate engine repair services.

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