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Floors are a very critical part of any commercial environment. As a business owner, you will agree that commercial flooring should be such that is elegant, affordable, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

There are several types of commercial floors that you can consider for adding a touch of class to your office, retail store or any other commercial institution in Kent, WA. These include:

  •  Laminates: Laminate flooring makes a good choice if you want to give the floor of your workplace the graceful look of wood without draining out the pocket.
  •  Vinyl flooring: Nothing is better than scratch-resistant and durable vinyl flooring for high traffic commercial places.
  •  Wood floors: Installing solid and engineered wood floors ensures years of graceful and professional flooring for your business place.
  •  Carpets: Vinyl commercial carpets are perfect for high traffic areas.
  •  Tiles: If you are looking for durable and low maintenance flooring, stone, ceramic, slate or porcelain tiles offer a wonderful option.

Choosing Commercial Carpets in Kent

Carpets are a great flooring choice for commercial establishments. Apart from adding to the personality and style of the workplace, commercial carpets help in ensuring that the ambience is quiet, calm, non-frivolous and businesslike.
The main types of carpets used for commercial flooring include Glue Down carpets, Broadloom carpets and Tiles Square carpets. While choosing carpets for your business place, the factors you need to focus on include the carpet’s fiber composition, design, color, performance, durability, appearance-retention capacity and, of course, its cost. A few other importance things you should ensure are that the product should be easy to install, easy to replace and economical to maintain. Quite often, an expensive flooring may work out to be affordable due to its economical installation and low maintenance costs.

Get the Flooring Experts in Kent to Install Your Commercial Floors

Proper installation of commercial floors is most essential to extract years of excellent performance from them. Several factors are involved in the process such as sub-floor preparation, using the correct tools, adhesives and seaming methods, etc. It is important to go to an experienced flooring expert who knows the job inside-out.

At All Flooring Wholesalers, you will find the professionals you are looking for. We have proven our expertise with successful commercial floor installation projects all over Kent.

Call All Flooring Wholesalers at (253) 220-6262 today! We sell a variety of amazing commercial floors to enhance the look of your property and offer fast, efficient and professional installation services as well.


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No household can be run efficiently and no family can live comfortably without perfectly functional water heaters. But, most people take the hot water that they use every day for granted. You realize how dependent your life is on the water heater only when it develops a snag and stops doing its job.

Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter is a plumbing expert that is committed to making sure that the residents of Kent, WA have hot water at their disposal whenever they need it. To that end, we offer precise and affordable water heater repair and new water heater installation services. We understand that hot water tank emergencies can crop up any time and so, are available 27 hours of the day to take care of your urgent needs.

Kent Plumbing Expert for Water Heater Installation

Not many people are aware that almost one-fourth of their energy costs are incurred for heating the water they use up daily.

The condition of the water heater that you maintain on your property has a major impact on your utility bills. A number of homes in the Kent region have old and worn out water heaters that consume a lot more energy than the new products on the market. The old hot water tanks have an additional disadvantage of being unreliable. Unknown to you, these heaters may have started rusting from the inside. They may begin leaking or even go out completely without warning. We, at Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter offer fast and expert water heater installation services to give your place a high quality, effective, energy-efficient and durable new water heater.

Expert Water Heater Repair Services in Kent

You should get in touch with a water heater repair professional at the earliest signs of your water heater developing a problem. Decreased efficiency in heating the water, water leakage on the floor near the tank, temperature fluctuations, etc. are some indications that the appliance needs to be looked at by a professional.

We are the leading water heater expert that has been servicing Kent for over 10 years and are adept at detecting and resolving every possible issue with your water heater. Whether it is defective burners, flawed temperature valves or malfunctioning of other heating parts, we can repair and replace it all. Our timely and careful repair services make sure that your water heater remains safe and useful at all times.

Whenever you have issues with your water heaters, call us at (877) 747-1925.

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With people realizing the important role played by video surveillance in limiting their loss, liability and risks, installing such systems has become quite common in commercial and residential properties. Now, you can easily keep a check on your home or office even when you are not physically present there.

All Systems Integrated, Inc. brings the best possible video surveillance systems to the residents of Puyallup for resolving their security concerns. Whether you need wired or wireless surveillance cameras, want security cameras installed in your home or business place, we have the resources and technical expertise to manage all your needs. We understand that you have to work within certain budget constraints and so, offer customized surveillance systems designed according to the funds you wish to spend.

Feel Safe with Security Cameras in Your Puyallup Home & Office

Nothing gives you a more assured feeling of safety than the knowledge that you can keep a check on all the activity that is happening in your home or office in your absence. Therefore, installing security cameras on your residential and commercial properties is a great way of ensuring your peace of mind.

ASI offers to install state-of-the-art video surveillance systems that help you keep a tab on your loved ones and your business every minute of the day. Our infrared cameras give high quality video results in color during the day, while their illuminators switch-on when visibility reduces and produce very clear black & white videos. They give exceptional results even in pitch darkness and so, make you feel secure at all times.

Surveillance Cameras to Help You Stay in Control

Installation of surveillance cameras on your property has become a must in these unpredictable times to protect the place from theft and vandalism. When set up in your office, they provide you an unmatched level of organizational control. Put up as part of your home security system, the cameras help you see all the goings-on around your family so that you can protect your loved ones in time from potential harm.

You can view the output given out by our surveillance systems or monitor it remotely from your smartphone or computer at your home or business place. These systems help you feel fully relaxed and in control of things, even when you are on a business trip or a vacation.

Protect your home and business with affordable video surveillance systems from All Systems Integrated, Inc. Call (253) 466-5330 now!

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In every new construction or remodeling project in Seattle, concrete sawing has to be done to make space for stairways, doors, windows, pipe trenches, ducts and vents, etc. You will all agree that concrete is one of the strongest and most durable and reliable construction materials that is favored by contractors and property owners, alike. This very strength of concrete also makes it a hard thing to cut through.

Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling uses the innovative technique of wire sawing to saw away the toughest and thickest of concrete with ease. The diamond edged wire saws offer quick and precise cutting even where the conventional tools fail or when the space is confined.

Concrete Cutting for Your Construction Project in Seattle

Does your construction project in Seattle require cutting through thick concrete? We can help you. We have a large team of concrete cutting experts and provide them with the latest cutting equipment so that they can create the openings you need.

We do not want your project to be slowed down because of concrete obstructions. We maintain self-contained service trucks and a large crew who respond promptly to every customer’s call. We ensure smooth communication and perfect coordination in all our work to make sure that your job gets completed fast and on time. Even as we focus on speedy services, we take care not on compromise on quality. All our jobs are done in compliance with the local building and fire codes.

Expert Concrete Sawing Services in Seattle

Concrete structures may have plumbing or electrical lines running through them. When you need to cut through them, be sure to get the services of a concrete sawing company with the proper knowledge and experience.

Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling is the expert everyone in Seattle should really on. We have been serving the region with professional, high precision and affordable concrete cutting services. We use highly advanced technologies such as wire sawing and radar imaging to make sure that our customers’ cutting requirements are fulfilled to their complete satisfaction. Through our concrete penetrating radar service, we detect the metallic and non-metallic objects lying within the concrete to be cut. This helps our technicians know exactly what they have to cut through so as to avoid damaging the crucial gas, water, electrical and sewer lines.


Rely on our wire sawing experts to cut your concrete to the shape and size you need. Call (206) 701-9898.

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The differential delivers a crucial function in a vehicle. Without a properly functioning differential, handling a car, truck, etc. and making turns with it becomes very difficult and risky. All those who have some automotive knowledge will know that the wheels of a vehicle do not move at the same speed. It is the differential that makes them spin at varying rates, even as it maintains a consistent overall speed of the automobile.

If you want your vehicle to have full traction and smooth handling at turns, get the help of the experienced differential repair specialists at ABC Transmission to keep your differential in fine shape. From gear repair and ratio enhancement, to oil changes, to axle repair, to full differential overhauls and heavy-duty differential upgrades, we do it all.

Differential Upgrades for Cars and Trucks in Tacoma

If you pay a little attention when you drive, you can detect problems in the vehicle’s differential and get differential repair before things worsen. Some of the tell-tale signs are –

  •  If your vehicle produces a banging or clunking sound every few feet of driving, it indicates damage to ring gear or pinion gear
  •  Whirring sound on driving that may change while turning can mean worn out carrier bearing
  •  Increased vibration on accelerating points to worn u-joints
  •  Whining or howling on quick acceleration is indicative of worn pinion gears or improper setting up of gears

The differential of your car or truck is quite a complex component. It is always better not to attempt working on it yourself and take in your vehicle to an expert like us. We are reputed for genuine and upright services. Our accomplished technicians will assess the vehicles thoroughly before providing differential upgrades or repairs, as required.

Affordable Axle Repair for Tacoma Motorists

When we talk about automotive safety, the axles are as important as the tires or brakes. Axle are a vital part of a vehicle’s steering system; they are connected to the wheels and carry the vehicle’s entire weight. It is the axle that helps the wheel differential in turning the wheels correctly.

Constant usage causes wear and tear of the axle components which gradually damages the axle assembly. Timely axle repair is a must to improve the efficiency and longevity of your automobile. In Tacoma, you can count on us for superior and affordable axle repair.

The residents of Tacoma can call us at (253) 777-1969 to get the most effective, economical and dependable differential repair services for their cars and trucks.

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Facial fracture can happen when your face gets injured due to motor vehicle accident, sports injuries, workplace accidents, physical attack, etc. The forceful trauma that the face undergoes harms its bony structures and soft tissues.You have to get reconstructive facial fracture surgery to restore the original shape and functionality of your face. It involves working on

  •  The upper/lower jaw
  •  Forehead
  •  Internal nasal structure
  •  Cheekbones
  •  Nose
  •  Frontal bones
  •  Lips
  •  Facial skin
  •  Tongue
  •  Bones around the eyes

At times, the patient may ask for cosmetic facial fracture repair surgery involving chin and cheek implants. The patients of facial fractures in Contra Costa Valley should get the required plastic surgery from the renowned surgeon, Dr. Elliot B. Lavey.

Facial Fracture Repair in Contra Costa Valley

If you have been a victim of a brutal assault or have been involved in a traumatic accident, you stand the chance of getting facial fracture. Severe bruises on the face, swollen eyelids, sunken or abnormally positioned eyes, flattened or swollen cheeks, blurry vision, numbness in cheeks, lips or side of nose, etc. are some symptoms of fracture.

The extent of the facial fracture you have suffered will determine the treatment option you will need. If you are in Contra Costa Valley, let Dr. Lavey take care of the problem. The initial operation for facial fracture repair will have to be conducted within a few days. If the damage is extensive, you might have to go in for additional surgeries, which may be performed over some months or, even years. Whatever it is, you can count on Dr. Lavey to use the most suitable procedures to get your life back to normalcy.

Certified Surgeon for Plastic Surgery in Contra Costa Valley

The decision of having reconstructive or cosmetic surgery for a severely injured or damaged face is very important and highly personal one. It is very essential that the patient and the surgeon share a good rapport.

If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate condition of having to go in for facial plastic surgery, you should consult Dr. Lavey. He is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with 28 years of private practice experience. He performs all medical care personally and maintains a record of impeccable services in Contra Costa Valley. With him by your side, you can be sure of fast and perfect recovery from your traumatic experience.

If you need facial fracture surgery in Contra Costa Valley, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lavey and discuss your options. Call him at (925) 575-8611.

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