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Who doesn’t want beautiful, clean carpets in their home or business place in Kent, WA? But, having such carpets is not very easy. Carpets pick up all sorts of dirt and pollutants and after some time of usage, you are no longer comfortable walking barefoot on your carpets or having your kids crawling on it. This is where an expert Kent carpet cleaner, Guaranteed Cleaning Service, Inc. can help you.

We are a professional Kent carpet cleaner that provides comprehensive services to clean and restore your carpets, removing all their

  • Dust, pet droppings and other filth
  • Superficial and deep-seated stains
  • Pollens, fungus and bacteria
  • Foul smells

In the hands of our Kent carpet cleaner crew of IICRC certified, knowledgeable and trained technicians, your old and grubby carpets soon rediscover their lost beautiful look and fresh smell!

 Carpet Cleaning Services in Kent

Our company has been serving as a Kent carpet cleaner since 1979 and has notched up an impressive reputation and extensive customer base with

  • Exceptional quality of our work
  • Integrity and courtesy of our service
  • Our competitive prices

With such a proven expert Kent carpet cleaner around, you just don’t have to suffer soiled, stained and shabby carpets. Our technicians use their understanding of different carpet fibers to use the best solutions and techniques for cleaning your carpets. When our Kent carpet cleaner is done with the job, your carpets are sure to amaze you with their restored beauty.

Hire us and relax in the knowledge that you have hired the best Kent carpet cleaner to extend your carpets’ life and save them from premature replacement.

 Carpet Cleaning in Kent Homes and Businesses

Your carpets are a crucial part of the décor of your home or business place. Their cleanliness impacts the health of your family, employees and customers and also affects the way they feel about the place. So, it is important to choose your Kent carpet cleaner carefully.

Your property and your loved ones’ health cannot be trusted to just about any Kent carpet cleaner. You need somebody that offers not just technical expertise, but also reassures you with honest and respectful conduct.

We are here to make the choice of a Kent carpet cleaner easy for you. Our expertise and reliability has been proven over countless carpet cleaning jobs and you can trust our services to be completely safe for your

  • Carpets
  • Property
  • Kids, family, employees, pets


Need a dependable Kent carpet cleaner? Call Guaranteed Cleaning Service, Inc. at (253) 236-9228.

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You certainly would not like to see stains or blemishes on the carpets in your home or business place in Kent, WA. Dirty carpets can spoil the appearance of the entire room. The dust and other allergens embedded in them can even cause severe health issues for the inhabitants. To make matters worse, dirt and mold can eat into the fibers of the carpet and take quite a few years off its lifespan.

Thankfully, Guaranteed Cleaning Service, Inc. is here with its Kent carpet cleaning services to protect your investment. Arriving promptly, equipped with advanced carpet cleaning materials and tools, our Kent carpet cleaning company makes sure that your carpet worries are soon a thing of the past.

Our Kent carpet cleaning professionals work diligently to revive your dull and grimy carpets and give them a

  • Clean, lustrous look
  • Fresh smell
  • Extended life

Carpet Cleaner Servicing Kent Properties

Our Kent carpet cleaning services for the community’s residential and commercial properties are timely, professional, effective and safe. The high level of quality we consistently maintain on every Kent carpet cleaning job comes from our crew of dedicated technicians who are

  • IICRC certified
  • Highly trained and experienced
  • Very sincere and hard-working

Everyone at our Kent carpet cleaning company strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Our technicians are punctual and courteous. Our outstanding services are priced reasonably and backed by friendly customer service. We take all necessary safety measure to ensure that our services do not damage your property in any way. We aim to make you so pleased with our work that you become our lifelong patron, and also happily recommend us to others looking out for Kent carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaner Services in Kent

Your carpets take a daily beating from feet and paws. They can stand up to such extensive use only when you maintain them with regular Kent carpet cleaning from a reliable expert like us.

We have been serving the Kent carpet cleaning industry since 1979 and have all that is required to clean your carpets to perfection –

  • Carpet cleaning knowledge
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Resources (manpower, machinery and materials)

The next time you feel that unclean carpets are spoiling the beauty of your property or affecting the health of your loved ones, don’t fret. Remember, help from our Kent carpet cleaning company is just a phone call away.


Trust Guaranteed Cleaning Service, Inc. for all your Kent carpet cleaning needs. Call (253) 236-9228 and get your free estimate.

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The community of Tacoma, WA has several carpet cleaning companies and all claim to be the best carpet cleaner in the region. This might make one wonder who actually is the finest carpet cleaner of the lot!

At Genesis Carpet Care, we believe that a truly professional carpet cleaner steers clear of tall claims and lets the work speak for itself. That is why we depend on our carpet cleaning and rug cleaning expertise to earn us more business and a solid reputation in the carpet cleaning Tacoma industry.

We have invested in hard-working, IICRC-certified carpet cleaning technicians and state-of-the-art truck-mounted carpet cleaner equipment to ensure

  • Thoroughly clean carpets/rugs
  • Healthy indoors in Tacoma properties
  • Happy customers

Our quality carpet and rug cleaning services are supplemented by affordable prices and friendly customer care. The combination makes our every Tacoma customer a lifelong patron.


Rug Cleaning Company Serving Tacoma Carpet Stains

Not many people in Tacoma would consider carpet or rug cleaning a specialized job. They don’t know that an amateur carpet cleaner can severely damage a rug/carpet. Every rug/carpet has individual qualities that call for specific rug cleaning or carpet cleaning Tacoma services. An expert carpet cleaner can identify the rug/carpet fibers, evaluate the severity of carpet stains and determine the best way of carpet or rug cleaning.

Therefore, people who want their carpets and rugs to look good and last long should avoid carpet cleaner rentals and hire professional carpet cleaning Tacoma services. We are a leading carpet cleaning company that Tacoma home and business owners can trust. We deliver high quality carpet and rug cleaning results with our

  • Right rug cleaning solutions
  • Correct rug cleaning methods
  • Proper rug cleaning equipment


Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet Cleaner Rental Best Prices

The do-it-yourself enthusiasts in Tacoma might find the idea of carpet cleaner rentals attractive, but the fact is that using the carpet cleaner is not really easy. Instead, hire our knowledgeable rug cleaning experts who are trained to handle the complex carpet cleaning machines. Property owners can count on our carpet cleaning Tacoma professionals to

  • Work fast
  • Clean rugs/carpets effectively
  • Speed up carpet/rug drying
  • Leave the property clean and safe

Forget the carpet cleaner rentals and enjoy clean and sanitized rugs and carpets by hiring our professional carpet or rug cleaning services. Call us for a free carpet cleaning estimate today!


When it comes to professional carpet cleaning in Tacoma, Genesis Carpet Care is the name to know. Call (253) 777-4887.

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