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Your time in the kitchen should be spent more in creating delectable dishes, and less in searching for the required spices and seasonings!

Make sure of that by investing in spice cabinets. Spice cabinets are great for storing your herbs, condiments and flavors in a neat and organized manner. And, spice cabinets give you easy access to the spices you need while cooking even as the easy visibility helps you keep a check on the things you have and the stuff you are running out of.

Kitchens actually seem incomplete without spice cabinets as these compact storage places improve the efficiency of the cooking area.

Come to ZIPcabs for endless options in spice cabinets to keep your spice collection organized. We strive to provide you with spice cabinets that are ideal for your storage needs and compliment your kitchen/pantry décor beautifully.

Therefore, we offer unique custom spice cabinet units that are

  • Exquisitely crafted and elegant
  • Space-saving
  • Adjustable

Custom Spice Cabinet to Hold Big and Small Spice Containers

The flexible, modifiable design of our custom spice cabinet sets it apart from many other spice cabinets on the market.

Spice containers come in different shapes and sizes. Obviously, fitting them in on the shelves of spice cabinets might pose a problem. But, not when you get your custom spice cabinet made by us.

Our custom spice cabinet comes with shelves that are not fixed in particular positions. You can move the shelves anywhere up and down the side walls of the custom spice cabinet as per your requirement and lock them securely there. We offer countertop custom spice cabinet units as well as wall/door mounted spice cabinets.

Thus, our custom spice cabinet allows

  • Optimum kitchen space utilization
  • Maximum cabinet space utilization
  • Aesthetically-pleasing display and storage of spices

Quality Spice Cabinet at Affordable Rates

We believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the best in spice cabinets. That is why we take care that the best of products go into making every custom spice cabinet. We use solid oak for the custom spice cabinet frames and employ highly trained carpenters who are proven masters of their trade.

It is also our belief that everyone has a right to quality spice cabinets and so, we price our custom spice cabinet most affordably, with no extra charge for customization. You can rely on us for custom spice storage units that offer the best in

  • Craftsmanship
  • Pricing
  • Utility
  • Durability

Call ZIPcabs at (206) 439-0338 for more details about custom spice cabinet units.

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Furnaces are one of the most popular heating systems installed in residential and commercial properties in Tacoma, WA. Just like any other machinery, furnaces too breakdown occasionally and need repairs. So, regardless of the type of furnace installed in your building, it is certain that you will have to get Tacoma furnace repair services at some point.

However, this does not mean that you have to live stressed about the day when your furnace might stop working and call for repairs. With Beacon Plumbing heating experts on the job 24/7, you can relax and be sure of receiving

• Tacoma furnace repair services the instant you need them
• Thorough and lastingly effective furnace repairs
• Wonderful customer service every step of the way

You can enjoy stress-free use of your furnaces, knowing that our Tacoma furnace repair professionals are here to fix your appliances any time a problem arises.

Timely Repairs to Keep Tacoma Furnaces Functional

Catching furnace problems early and getting Tacoma furnace repair done in time makes the repairs easier, quicker and cheaper. It also keeps your time without heat to a minimum. Moreover, it maintains the efficiency and reliability of furnaces for longer.

Therefore, you must call us for Tacoma furnace repair as soon as you observe symptoms that raise concerns about furnace performance. Some warning signals you should look out for include:

• Sudden, unexplained spike in heating costs
• Strange noises emanating from furnace
• Insufficient or uneven heating of the place

No sign, however minor, of malfunctioning furnaces should be ignored. They only get worse and lead to more extensive and expensive Tacoma furnace repair. Give us a call. We can work on all types of oil, gas and electric furnaces, and our skilled technicians can handle any big or small Tacoma furnace repair job with assured success.

Furnace Replacement for Tacoma Homes and Businesses

Besides Tacoma furnace repair, we offer services for

• Furnace maintenance
• Furnace replacement
• New furnace installation

Regular, proper furnace maintenance is the key to keeping home and commercial furnaces working hassle-free, with few Tacoma furnace repair needs. Our comprehensive furnace maintenance services also go a long way in boosting furnace’s heating and energy efficiency.

When your system outlasts its lifespan and Tacoma furnace repair can no longer get it working fine again, we help you select the right replacement furnace and install it for you. All our new furnace installations are made carefully, without any oversight.

When you need Tacoma furnace repair experts you can trust, call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599.

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Efficient sewer lines make your property in Tacoma, WA livable and usable. However, the efficiency of sewer system cannot be taken for granted. Over time, sewer lines can develop problems and you need professional Tacoma sewer repair or cleaning assistance for restoring sewer lines’ normal flow and function.

Your sewer lines are exposed to several problem-causing factors. Tree roots infiltrating into and choking or cracking the pipes is a common issue. Aging sewer lines can weaken and start corroding. Ground shifting, extreme temperature changes and careless waste disposal can also lead to the need for Tacoma sewer repair.

Are you wondering how to know when it is time for Tacoma sewer repair? Well, you should watch-out for warning signs, such as

• Slower and smelly drains
• Unexplained damp patches in the yard
• Backing up toilets or drains

If you suspect a sewer problem in your home or business place, call the Tacoma sewer repair experts at Beacon Plumbing immediately.

Sewer Line Repairs in Tacoma Properties

Tacoma sewer repair is not a DIY project. Sewer lines lie underground, hidden from view. Detecting sewer problems and performing sewer line repairs can be tricky. So, it is advisable to get Tacoma sewer repair done by experienced and well-equipped professionals like us.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor offering Tacoma sewer repair services for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in trenchless sewer line repairs. We maintain top-of-the-line videoing and line locating capabilities with which our highly-trained technicians ensure that your

• Sewer line repairs are done right, the first time
• Tacoma sewer repair is done without excavating the yard extensively
• Hassles and expenses from sewer repairs are minimized

Sewer Cleaning Services for Tacoma Residents

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for providing Tacoma sewer repair and cleaning services. While we recommend that you keep an eye on the functioning of your sewer system and call us the instant something looks amiss, we do realize that this is difficult to do.

Caught up in the rush of life, you can easily overlook the symptoms of growing sewer problem. As a result, broken or clogged sewers usually spring a surprise on you.

Our 24/7 Tacoma sewer repair and cleaning services have you prepared for such emergencies. You get your sewer lines fixed

• Within no time
• Before the clogged/broken sewer becomes a health hazard
• Before the sewer problem damages your property

Beacon Plumbing is the expert to call for quality Tacoma sewer repair. Dial (253) 655-4599.

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There will be hardly any home or commercial establishment in Tacoma, WA that has never faced the problem of slow-moving or clogged drains. Drain clogging keeps happening from time to time with buildup of grease, soap, hair and other debris that goes daily down the drain. Therefore, Tacoma drain cleaning services are required on a regular basis to keep the wastewater flow smooth.

Clogged drains can hamper your household or business work in a big way. So, you should get them cleaned by professionals who have what it takes to keep the drains clog-free for long. Call Beacon Plumbing for the job.

Our company is

• A pro at Tacoma drain cleaning, with an impressive service record
• Licensed, bonded and insured for delivering Tacoma drain cleaning services
• Equipped with the best available Tacoma drain cleaning crew and tools

24/7 Drain Service for Tacoma Homes and Businesses

Our Tacoma drain cleaning company suggests that people should watch-out for symptoms indicating impending drain clogging in their homes and business places. These warning signs include gurgling sound or foul smell emanating from the drains and slow-draining of sink, floor, toilet or roof drains.

However, we realize that this advice is not heeded in most homes and businesses. As a result, severely clogged drains catch people unawares and create havoc in their family or work lives.

Well, you may not be prepared to deal with clogged drains, but we certainly are! We offer 24/7 Tacoma drain cleaning services. Our technicians are always on call and our service trucks are kept stocked with all necessary Tacoma drain cleaning equipment.

Within no time, we reach you to provide the drain service you desperately need and

• Get your drains flowing normally again
• Restore your peace of mind
• Bring your life or business back on track

Clearing Clogged Drains in Tacoma

With our long experience in the Tacoma drain cleaning industry, we have acquired the expertise to clear even the most severely clogged drains and also leave property owners delighted with our services.

We can provide Tacoma drain cleaning services for all types of drains, be they kitchen, bathroom, laundry, yard, parking lot or storm drains. Whichever drains we work on, we make every effort to ensure that

• Clogged drains are cleaned in the shortest time possible
• The drain service does not damage the drainage system
• Our Tacoma drain cleaning experts are polite, neat and professional

Trust none but the experts when you need Tacoma drain cleaning services. Call Beacon Plumbing at (253) 655-4599.

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Tacoma Plumbers

August 24, 2015 by

No home or business owner in Tacoma, WA can do without the services of a professional plumber. It is tough to get through a single day if your home or work place does not have an efficient plumbing system. And, Tacoma plumbers are needed to install these systems and keep them working fine.

In fact, if you don’t want to be hassled by frequent plumbing problems, then you need not just any plumber, but certified, capable and reliable Tacoma plumbers. You can find such plumbers at Beacon Plumbing.

A full service plumbing contractor, we have suitably-trained and duly-licensed Tacoma plumbers to handle any plumbing repair, installation, replacement or maintenance job. Our plumber can work in any residential or commercial property, including

• Apartment buildings
• Multi-unit housing
• Offices and commercial complexes
• Hotels, motels and restaurants
• Hospitals

Hire our Tacoma plumbers for hassle-free enjoyment of plumbing facilities that are so essential for your daily living.

Skilled Plumbers to Fix Tacoma Plumbing Problems

No Tacoma plumbing job is too big or too small for our plumbers. Every plumber working with us is a proven pro, with the skills and experience to resolve any plumbing problem successfully.

The wide-ranging services provided by the plumbers at our Tacoma plumbing company include, but are not limited to:

• Leak detection
• Frozen pipe repair
• Water line service
• Water heater installation/repair
• Sewer repair
• Faucet installation

If your problem has anything to do with plumbing, our plumber can get it fixed!

Our Tacoma plumbing company has invested in advanced tools & technologies and quality parts/products to help its plumbers provide lasting solutions to plumbing issues. Coming prepared with a well-equipped service truck, our expert plumber makes sure your Tacoma plumbing troubles get over fast and for good.

Tacoma Plumber for Quality Services at Affordable Rates

We believe that everyone has a right to quality plumbing service and that too without paying through the nose for it. Accordingly, we strive to keep our services as a Tacoma plumber very competitively-priced.

Whether you need emergency plumbers or want Tacoma plumber for routine plumbing work, you will find our rates fair and economical. As your Tacoma plumber, we also

• Provide upfront estimates
• Give honest suggestions to minimize your plumbing expenses
• Take care to work within budget

Call us when you want a Tacoma plumber offering services that satisfy you, at a price that you can afford.

Trust the professional plumbers at Beacon Plumbing to meet all your plumbing needs in Tacoma. Call for a plumber at (253) 655-4599.

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Most property owners in Seattle, WA hardly ever think of their plumbing system. The indifference persists until the system develops a snag. Even then, many people do not bother calling up plumbers as long as the plumbing Seattle issue is minor and does not hamper the daily routines much.

This delay in engaging a plumber to fix plumbing malfunctions often costs the property owners big. It usually aggravates the problem and leads to costlier plumbing Seattle repairs.

It would be a lot better for your property, wallet and peace of mind if you call in a plumber before things get unmanageable. For instance, you can

• Get in touch with plumbers as soon as you notice water leaks
• Contact your plumber when noticeable water pressure problems emerge
• Call plumbers when plumbing Seattle fixtures/appliances show drop in efficiency
• Get a plumber when you observe slow draining showers, tubs, sinks, etc.

Hagee Plumbing is a plumbing company you can call for plumbers that keep your plumbing Seattle working fine.

Reliable Residential and Commercial Plumber in Seattle

A full-service plumber Seattle, we can take care of all sorts of residential and commercial plumbing needs. Whether you need plumber Seattle to install new fixtures or want plumbers to make plumbing repairs, we have you covered.

We are a plumber Seattle that you can trust to end all your plumbing woes without any delay. A quick call to our plumbing company is all that it takes to bring our plumber Seattle to your rescue.

The prompt response, fast but meticulous work and discreet attitude of our plumbers gets your plumbing problem fixed

• With least disturbance to your life or business
• Before it causes you major discomfort, embarrassment or loss
• Before it creates health hazards for your family members or employees

Plumbers Seattle Available 24/7

The need for a plumber can arise any time as some plumbing problems can be disastrous if not fixed immediately. Realizing this, we keep our plumbers Seattle available 24/7.

Our plumber is a phone call away, prepared to tackle your plumbing emergencies whichever hour they strike. Our considerate plumbers Seattle appreciate the clients’ situation and respond fast. We have our service trucks ready to be dispatched with plumbers Seattle at a short notice.

What’s more, the prompt services of our plumbers Seattle come at

• No weekend/after hours charges
• No hidden charges
• No compromise on service quality

Contact Hagee Plumbing if you need skilled plumbers to work in your Seattle home or business property? Call our plumber at (206) 519-5747.

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As long-time denture users in Tacoma, WA would know, even the finest of dentures can break. The breakage may happen due to dropping the dentures accidentally or because of poor denture care. In any case, broken dentures do not always have to be catastrophes.

Professional denture repair Tacoma services can restore the lost functionality of broken dentures and make expensive denture replacement unnecessary. You just need to make sure that you get your denture repair Tacoma done by technicians who are

• Highly trained in tackling major and minor denture repair issues
• Extensively experienced in handling denture repair Tacoma jobs
• Supported by cutting-edge denture repair materials and equipment

Northwest Dental Services is a place where you are sure to get the expert denture repair Tacoma services that you need.

Get Broken Dentures Fixed in Tacoma

Whether your dentures have a broken tooth, developed a hairline crack or smashed into two, count on our denture repair specialists in Tacoma to get them fixed. There is no denture repair job that we cannot handle. Over the long years that we have been repairing broken dentures in Tacoma, we have seen it all and done it all successfully.

Our dentist evaluates your broken dentures carefully to assess the damage and determine the right repair solution. In case the damage is too extensive, we may suggest getting brand new dentures or implant-supported dentures. We go all out to ensure that the repair or replacement of your dentures gets done

• Quickly
• Cost-effectively
• Without any denture fitting or usability issue

Same Day Denture Repairs for Tacoma Residents

People in Tacoma who use dentures come to depend on them so much that they find it difficult to even imagine going without dentures for some time. Broken dentures can put them in a very discomforting situation. Their routine lives become tough and they fight shy of stepping out of their Tacoma homes without their teeth.

Thankfully, our same day denture repairs save the day for such Tacoma residents. We fix broken dentures at our on-site lab that allows us to complete denture repair the same day we get the job.

Come to us for same day denture repairs so that you are without your teeth for no longer than what is unavoidable. Our immediate denture repair work restores your confidence as you soon get back to

• Eating properly
• Talking clearly
• Smiling brightly

Come to Northwest Dental Services when you need quality denture repair services in Tacoma at a fair price. Call (253) 948-0588

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Most people in Tacoma, WA associate bad breath, toothache and cavities with natural teeth. They are of the view that they have no chance of suffering from such problems when they use dentures. However, they are very much mistaken. Denture care and denture cleaning Tacoma is as crucial as taking care of the natural teeth.

Poor denture care can spell trouble for you and also adversely impact your dentures’ longevity. Equip yourself with necessary denture care and denture cleaning Tacoma knowledge to stay away from dental and oral health issues.

Come to Northwest Dental Services for essential denture cleaning Tacoma guidelines. You can trust our well-established, reputable dental clinic for accurate denture care and denture cleaning advice. We recommend

• Denture cleaning Tacoma with warm water after meals
• Light brushing daily with soft-bristled toothbrush (without toothpaste)
• Soaking removable dentures in denture cleaner and water thrice weekly

Denture Care Plan by Tacoma Dentist

Good denture cleaning and denture care Tacoma habits are required not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functional purposes. Denture cleaning and care gives you sparkling and pleasant-smelling teeth that boosts your confidence. The right denture care Tacoma also ensures that your false teeth work effectively and remain pain-free.

So, thorough denture care is simply indispensible if you want to enjoy hassle-free use of your dentures, both in private and in public. Your denture care Tacoma plan should include:

• Daily denture cleaning
• Annual review of dentures by a reliable dentist
• Denture realignment every 3 years
• Denture replacement after 5-7 years

Our dentists have the expertise, experience and resources to provide you with the high-quality denture cleaning and denture care Tacoma services that you need and deserve.

Dependable Dentist to Handle Denture Issues in Tacoma

We believe that it is the responsibility of every dentist to encourage healthy denture cleaning and denture care practices among his/her patients. It is also our belief that a dentists should strive to treat the patients’ denture problems in a timely, meticulous, professional, compassionate, friendly, reassuring and cost-effective manner.

That is why we do our best to sensitize our Tacoma patients to the importance of denture cleaning and care. Moreover, our dentists see to it that denture issues that develop in spite of all care are handled efficiently with

• Extensive checkup and analysis
• Careful and correct diagnosis
• Most appropriate and lasting treatment

When it comes to denture cleaning and denture care in Tacoma, Northwest Dental Services is the place to go to. Dial (253) 948-0588.

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Granite is a strong and durable material created by nature that adds a beautiful, luxurious and warm look to the place it is installed in. Granite countertops are commonly found in homes and commercial establishments in Seattle, WA. Whether installed in a new construction or picked up for a remodeling job, granite Seattle is something you cannot go wrong with.

Still, exquisite granite countertops come only from top-quality slabs, high-precision countertop fabrication and flawless countertop installation. You get it all when you take your granite countertop project to Seattle Granite. We are a one-stop shop for custom-made Seattle granite countertops.

To give you just the countertops you need, we

• Offer numerous options in granite Seattle slabs to meet your specific décor needs
• Fabricate Seattle granite countertops as per your exact counter space measurements
• Finish and install granite Seattle countertops to your 100% satisfaction

Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops in Seattle Properties

Our Seattle granite materials work well for making countertops for bathrooms as well as kitchens. Both these rooms need working surfaces that can stand constant use and quite a lot of abuse. At the same time, these surfaces need to look good so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the area.

That is why granite Seattle, with its inherent toughness, heat-resistance and scratch-resistance, and exquisite veining patterns is the perfect material for bathroom and kitchen countertops. We further enhance the qualities of Seattle granite with our immaculate cutting, shaping and polishing of countertops.

The end result is granite Seattle countertops that

• Bring ease into your daily working
• Improve the visual appeal of your interiors
• Increase your property’s resale value

Natural Stone Countertops for Seattle Properties

Are you looking for natural stone options other than granite Seattle? Relax, we have all your needs for stone surfaces covered. Just check out our wide selection of natural stone products that include

• Quartz
• Marble
• Onyx
• Limestone
• Slate
• Travertine

Whether you need countertops for your home or business place, we are sure to have the right natural stone for your project.

We believe in investing in quality and can be trusted to get your countertop job done with the finest in materials, workmanship and customer service. And, we offer all that at a fair price. You simply don’t to search elsewhere when we are here to cater to your needs of natural stone countertops.

Contact Seattle Granite at (206) 453-2669 for quick, seamless and affordable fabrication and installation of natural stone countertops.

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