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At Scott’s Septic Service, we specialize in keeping residential and commercial septic systems at their peak efficiency. We offer prompt, efficient maintenance services for septic systems in the Lakeland Hills, WA area.

Septic systems should be regularly inspected to avoid costly failures down the road. When you hire us, we will assess your septic systems for:

  • Leaks
  • Signs of back-up
  • Efficient operation

Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure superior workmanship on each and every septic tank maintenance job in Lakeland Hills. If your septic systems are not working properly, we can also troubleshoot any problems and recommend cost-effective solutions.

Septic Tank Maintenance for Lakeland Hills Septic Systems

We have years of experience offering septic tank maintenance service and we have learned what works and what does not. One of the tried and true things we have come to see over the years is that regular septic tank maintenance is crucial to improving the lifespan of these systems.

We have the skills and equipment to ensure quality septic tank maintenance and service. Let us make sure your septic tank is working just the way it is supposed to. When you choose us for your septic tank maintenance needs in Lakeland Hills, we will:

  • Understand how you use your system
  • Assess the current condition of all system components
  • Discuss with you the septic tank maintenance needs
  • Develop a customized septic tank maintenance plan
  • Recommend septic tank service frequency

Why Choose Us When You Need Septic Tank Service in Lakeland Hills?

If you are looking for professional and reliable septic tank service, you have come to the right place! You may not know that septic tanks should be pumped every 3 years, but we do.

Septic tank service and cleaning is crucial to preventing sludge build-up that can lead to clogs and even system failure. Some signs that indicate septic tank problems include:

  • Foul sewage odor on your property
  • Gurgling sounds coming from toilets
  • Slow running drains

To avoid septic tank problems, seek regular septic tank service in Lakeland Hills. Has it been too long since you last had a septic tank service and cleaning? Give us a call! We are dedicated to providing quality septic tank service at competitive rates.

To learn more, or to schedule a septic tank service in the Lakeland Hills area, please give Scott’s Septic Service a call at 206-512-8701. We look forward to serving you!

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When you buy a Honda, you know you are investing in an automobile that is famous for its outstanding performance, reliability and longevity. You look forward to years of hassle-free and thoroughly satisfying use of the vehicle. It does not matter whether you get a Honda Accord, Honda Pilot, Honda Civic or any other model of Honda, you are sure to love driving it as long as you have it.

You will, however, have to ensure timely and proper maintenance servicing of your ride to keep it running at optimal levels. Still, you are likely to encounter some automotive problems from time to time. You have to make sure that your get your Honda auto repair needs met by technicians who have the caliber to work on your prized possession.

Auburn City Imports is one of the best options out there for the times when you need to visit a Honda repair shop. We have been providing Honda auto repair services since 1980, and are a one-stop shop for all big and small automotive repair jobs. What makes our Honda repair shop the place to trust with your beloved vehicle is that we are staffed by technicians who:

  • Are factory-trained
  • Have spent their entire decades-long careers doing Honda auto repair
  • Know the Honda engineering inside-out
  • Handle the vehicle as carefully as if it were their own

Since all the jobs at our Honda repair shop are carried out by factory-trained mechanics, the factory warranty on your vehicle stays intact when you get any Honda auto repair work done by us.

Honda Repair Shop Offering Dealer-Quality Services

At our Honda repair shop, we place high premium on precision in workmanship and excellence in customer care. We take pride in extending nothing but the finest in Honda auto repair services to every vehicle owner who comes to us. Relentless passion for the job and a genuinely customer-friendly attitude has helped our independent, family-owned and operated Honda repair shop become reputed as a truly better alternative to the dealership.

We provide dealer-quality services, but at much more economical costs. Our facility charges a lot less for any Honda auto repair job than the dealership does, but without compromising at all on the quality or reliability of the repairs. We work with the objective of fixing vehicles so well that they keep cruising smoothly on the roads and make minimal visits to our Honda repair shop!

Honda owners can visit our facility for all kinds of simple and complex repairs. The comprehensive services available at our facility include:

  • Engine repair and replacement
  • Transmission repair
  • Electrical repairs
  • Brake repair
  • Suspension repair
  • Noise troubleshooting   

We have equipped our Honda repair shop with the latest in automotive diagnostic technologies and repair tools. Our technicians are not just highly knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced, but also extremely diligently. They take a detail-oriented approach to every Honda auto repair job and strive to provide enduring solutions that eliminate the issue once and for all. Only top-grade replacement parts are used to complete the auto repairs.

Our Honda repair shop backs every repair with an industry-leading 12,000 miles or 12-month Worry-Free™ warranty. For further reassurance and protection of the vehicle owners who bring their automotive troubles to our Honda repair shop, we are licensed, bonded and insured.

Experts You Can Rely On for Honda Auto Repair Services

If you want to derive maximum utility and driving pleasure from your Honda, come to us any time your ride needs repairs. When something goes wrong and you happen to need Honda auto repair services, you want your vehicle get back to running just like new but you definitely do not want to run up a high repair bill to make this happen.

You can rely on our Honda repair shop for cost-effective, yet accurate and lasting repair services. Our technicians are skilled at resolving any automotive issue in Honda cars and SUVs. They can work on all old and new Hondas, and keep their skills updated with ongoing training.

At our facility, we understand that having your vehicle grounded can be very inconvenient. We go all out to get your Honda auto repair job done and put your Honda back on the road in no time. We also make every effort to make your experience with our Honda auto repair services totally stress-free and as convenient as possible. You can count on us to complete the job on your vehicle with:

  • Careful diagnosis and repairs
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Minimal runarounds for you
  • Great customer service all through the job

Coming to us for Honda repairs means putting yourself and your vehicle in the most capable, dependable and caring hands!

Auburn City Imports is the Honda repair shop to visit when your automobile develops a snag. Call us at 253-245-1212 to schedule your Honda auto repair job.

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Acura is a prestigious and well-loved name in the automotive industry, putting out luxury cars with the finest in mechanical and technological capabilities. That said, auto repair is an unavoidable part of owning and driving an Acura.

When the need for visiting an Acura repair shop arises, you look for technicians who will handle the problems with your car as diligently as if the vehicle was their own. One place where you can find such technicians is Auburn City Imports. We are an independent, family-owned and operated facility that is renowned for its expertise in Acura auto repair.

Our Acura repair shop first opened its doors in 1980 and has since made sure that Acura owners are not left alone to face the issues that crop up in their rides. They can bring those problems to us and we will provide the right Acura auto repair solutions to resolve them. No matter how simple or intricate the job might be, our Acura repair shop is equipped to take it up and fix it:

  • In no time
  • With utmost precision
  • Reliably, with repairs that stand the test of time

We work on Acura auto repair jobs with the objective of getting the vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible. We also aim to keep them there, running smoothly and safely. Therefore, all the work at our Acura repair shop is done fast and without needless letups. Moreover, cutting-edge diagnostic and repair technologies are used to make sure that the vehicles that drive out our Acura repair shop after repairs do not let their owners/drivers down again anytime soon.

Acura Repair Shop with Factory-Trained Technicians

We are reputed for providing dealer-quality Acura auto repair services, but at prices that are much lower than that of the dealerships. The main reason why some Acura owners may opt for visiting a dealership instead of an independent facility is because they want their vehicles to be handled by mechanics who are specifically trained in working on Acura cars. The hefty bill that the dealership runs up is something they feel they have to bear to get such specialized services.

Well, that is not exactly true! Our Acura repair shop offers Acura owners an economical alternative. We are a place where they do not have to pay through their nose to get the superior dealer-quality Acura auto repair. All jobs at our Acura repair shop are carried out by factory-trained mechanics. And, our technicians have their skills honed over 20-30 years of experience.

You will agree that you will not find better experts to do your Acura auto repair job than our technicians who have spent their entire professional life working on Acura vehicles.

So, visit us when you encounter problems with your Acura. Coming to our Acura repair shop is the right decision if you want:

  • Assured solution to your auto troubles
  • Full worth for every dollar you spend on auto repairs
  • Optimal performance from your vehicle in future

With us, your Acura is well-taken care of. Our Acura repair shop is with you as long as you own the vehicle to help you make the most pleasurable and hassle-free use of it.

Getting Acura Auto Repair Should Not Be a Stressful Experience!

Though Acuras are specimens of superlative engineering and built for excellent functionality, these still are machines and can develop problems once in a while. That is the time when we get into action!

We offer comprehensive Acura auto repair services and work with a commitment to giving you a relaxed, stress-free time all through the repair job. We believe that when you get so much pleasure out of driving your Acura and are proud to own it, the experience of Acura auto repair should not be stressful and make you any less proud of your vehicle.

We respond immediately to your call to our Acura repair shop and have your repair job scheduled at the earliest. Our staff gives you personalized and courteous attention when you come in for Acura auto repair services.

Our mechanics listen carefully to the troubles you are facing with your Acura, and combine their extensive knowledge and experience with top-of-the-line technologies to determine the exact cause of the automotive malfunctioning. This is followed up with meticulous Acura auto repair work done using advanced tools and high-quality replacement parts.

To further ensure your complete ease and peace of mind every step of the way, we take care that our Acura auto repair jobs are:

  • Completed fast, without making you repeatedly visit our facility
  • Backed by 12-month or 12,000 miles warranty
  • Supplemented with gracious customer service
  • Done at very fair and affordable prices

You and your cherished Acura deserve only the best in auto repair services. The Acura repair shop where you get that is Auburn City Imports. Call us at 253-245-1212 to discuss your automotive issues and schedule a repair job.

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Scott’s Septic Service is a septic tank pumping and septic cleaning company providing specialized septic tank pumping service to the Issaquah, WA area and its surrounds. Septic tank pumping in the Issaquah area is what our service team lives for. We thoroughly pump and clean your tank, improving your system’s efficiency.

We offer high quality septic tank pumping, septic cleaning and other services. Septic tank pumping must be done by a professional septic company like us, so don’t hesitate to call if you are in the Issaquah area and need septic tank pumping.

We are known for:

  • On-time service
  • Affordable rates
  • Friendly team

Issaquah Area Septic Cleaning

Septic cleaning is the best way to make sure your septic system lasts for a long time. Our courteous, prompt, and very experienced technicians are highly skilled in septic cleaning. Using our state of the art tools and equipment, we can then offer Issaquah area septic cleaning service that is hassle-free and time-saving.

Here are some tips to help make septic cleaning simpler and more cost effective:

  • Keep a record of tank location (a drawing from your septic technician will do)
  • Note how deep the tank is buried—it will help in septic cleaning
  • Note the size of the tank (in gallons)—it will also help in septic cleaning
  • Keep tabs on condition (don’t be afraid to ask questions of the technician)

Let us show you the way that septic cleaning and septic tank pumping was meant to be done.

Pumping Septic Tanks in the Issaquah Area

We want you to come away from your experience with us with the understanding that we will take care of pumping septic tanks in the Issaquah area from start to well after finish. We offer more than our competitors in:

  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic cleaning
  • Other septic tank services

Our years of experience pumping septic tanks allow us to do the job correctly: We adhere to the idea that our customers always come first—and that is what sets us apart from our competition. Let us show you the way that septic tank pumping was meant to be done.

We also offer reliable, expert septic tank pumping to residents of the Issaquah area. So next time you need septic tank pumping or septic tank service, call Scott’s Septic Service and experience why we have been building loyal clients and friends in the Issaquah area for so many years now. Our technicians are experienced at pumping septic tanks, and are ready to be dispatched to your residence.

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