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Increase Website Traffic by Joining an Online Business Directory

Do you have a website for your business? If you answered yes, then how is it working for you? Are you getting more traffic each month, leading to more sales? If not, it might be time to think about why that might be the case.

There are lots of things that turn people off from purchasing from a website. First, consumers want to trust the company in which they are giving their money to. If you are a website that is not affiliated with a directory, or pre-screened somehow, then they don’t know if they can trust your services. Second, many websites are thoughtlessly put together and are difficult to navigate. This might not matter to a loyal customer, but to someone who is viewing your information for the first time it might be all they need to look elsewhere.

So, how do you get people to stay on your site and actually make a purchase? There is no simple one answer. Instead, there are lots of small techniques that you can employ to increase your chances of making a sale. A great technique that you can use is to add your website to a trusted and popular online business directory.

An online business directory is a website that categorizes and gives information about different business in any given area. It is a one stop shop for consumers to find the businesses they are looking for, and to get the necessary information to contact the business directly.

When a consumer visits the directory looking for say, restaurants, a list will pop up. They can then navigate to the one that looks right for them, click on it, and be directed to the restaurants information. Because they initially found the restaurant via an online directory, they feel more secure in that businesses credibility.

Popular Online Directory

A popular and quality Seattle business directory is Research Giant. Research Giant lists great businesses in Seattle and the Puget Sound area. By submitting your business’s profile, you will experience increased traffic to your website. The increased traffic will also be from customers already interested in your business, making them that much more likely to purchase your products or services. You can take advantage of your profile by listing your business’s website, phone number, pictures, and vital information. Get the results you want-submit your url to a popular Seattle online directory today!

The Research Giant website was designed and built by this Seattle web design company.

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Directory Listings Seattle

October 10, 2012 by

Submit Your URL to a Directory Listing

Aggressive marketing is the life of any business. Without it, businesses open themselves up to fail. Online marketing, a great way to boost your business, is best done by submitting your website to a directory listing. Earlier, directories or yellow pages used to be popularly consulted by consumers to know about the sources that could fulfill their needs for specific products or services. Now, the growth of online business has brought about the advent of online or web site directory.

As more and more shopping is being conducted online, the printed directories have lost quite a bit of their relevance. Even for purchases that are made offline, the aware consumers conduct their research online prior to their shopping trip. There are several directories on the web that can be consulted by them. They can pick up the most reliable ones by checking out specific websites that carry the directory list of the top ranked online directories. Searching through the directories is quite simple. For every enlisted company, the directory provides a specific category under which it is included and with this categorization the consumer can locate the required information instantly.

Thus, through inclusion in a reputable Seattle business directory, your company is sure to get a boost. The key advantages that web site directory listings bring to your business are:

  • Opening up the global market for your business. You are no longer restricted to only the local customers.
  • Presenting up-to-date information of your company/business. Once you are a part of directory, you have complete access to your entry and can make changes in the profile.
  • Your entry in an online directory business profile can be enhanced with a video profile, products, and employees. This makes for stronger and more impactful advertising.
  • Works as 24-hour advertising for your business.
  • Enhanced web traffic from qualified customers is another benefit. When you submit the profile of your company, the directory lists it under a relevant category. Only a genuine buyer will access your profile and the site link when he/she seeks information under that specific category. This ensures better conversion rates from visitors.

Research Giant

For better results, you should select only the most well-established, reliable and popular directories to get listed in. Research Giant is one such reputed, trusted and popularly-used business directory you must consider submitting your business profile to. Stop wasting your precious time on irrelevant marketing strategies and get directory listings Seattle today!

The Research Giant website was designed and built by this Seattle web design company.

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Gain Web Visibility with a Directory

With businesses getting more and more competitive because of the increasing demand for their products and services, it has also led to an increase in the setting up of new business ventures.  In the face of the increasing competition, you have to try new ways of catching the attention of your niche market. One way is by getting yourself listed in a Seattle business directory. Online directory listings offer natural and organic search engine optimization as well as link building benefits. These directories help the business clients gain peak ranks and generate quality targeted traffic. The results brought about by the business directories are measurable.

Manual Directory Submission:

To submit your website to online directories you may choose either manual submissions or automated submissions, though the manual method is preferable.  Besides, you may do the submissions yourself or hire the services of professionals. Wondering what you will gain by going in for directory submissions? Here are the two main benefits:

  1. Augmented traffic to your website from some of the best directories.
  2. Quality back links that improve the ranking of your website in numerous search engines.

How is directory submission performed?

Generally, Internet marketing professionals offer directory submission as part of their services. All that the business website owners are required to do is to fill up directory submission details form and place an order with the Internet marketing professionals. They will submit your website to the appropriate directories. While performing the directory submissions, the internet marketing professionals take care of the following:

  1. They do not submit to bad neighbors that may get your website penalized from search engines.
  2. Each directory is first examined for search engine friendliness before that particular business directory is included in the database of the Internet marketing professionals. This makes sure you get quality links when your website is submitted.
  3. The Internet marketing professionals generally avoid automated submission as it is as efficient and result oriented as manual directory submission.

Thus, you can understand that submitting your website to online directories is an important tool of Internet marketing and helps you get more revenue out of your business website. Research Giant is a popular, accurate, and reliable directory that you should become a part of. Submitting your website to it will bring assured benefits in the form of improved web traffic and increased leads & sales generation. Take advantage of directory submissions Seattle!

The Research Giant website was designed and constructed by this Seattle web design company.


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Add URL Seattle

October 4, 2012 by

Add URL to Online Directories

Becoming a part of online directories is an effective strategy for online marketing. When you get a directory to add URL of your website to its listings, you vastly improve your chances of getting the attention of your online target audience. Anyone searching through the online directory for the products or services that you offer will be presented with your site as one of the relevant results, and through your link provided in the directory, that person can visit your site. Being genuinely interested visitors, there is a higher chance that they will turn into an actual sale.

There is another benefit to adding your URL to web directories. Getting listed in online directories increases the number of good quality back links to your site. This works as an indicator to the search engines that your site is a relevant and useful website and increases the visibility of the site in the judgment of search engines. Search engines, like Yahoo and Google, give higher rankings to the important and useful sites and thus the ‘addurl’ activity acts as an effective search engine optimization technique, improving your site’s search engine ranking.

There are a number of web directories that you can be a part of. While some are paid directories, in the sense that they charge a fee to add a URL to their database, there are several that are free. Such directories recover their expenses by selling advertising space in the directory and therefore are able to offer to add URL for free. Another classification in the types of online directories is that of general and specific directories. The general directory lists a variety of websites irrespective of the subject matter they are related to, whereas the specific directories add URL to their database of only those websites that cater to a particular type of Internet users’ need. For instance, there are business directories, shopping or e-commerce directory, etc…

Business Directory Seattle

If you are looking for a suitable business directory to which you can add a URL, consider Research Giant. It is a reputable Seattle business directory that is preferred by users to search for sites catering to their needs for a variety of commonly used products and services. It is known for accuracy and reliability as it extends ‘addurl’ facility to only genuine businesses and professions. You stand to gain a lot by becoming a part of such a trusted online business directory. Stop wasting your time with other marketing methods-add URL Seattle today!

The Research Giant website was designed and built by this Seattle Web Design company.


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Add Listing

August 23, 2012 by

Increasing Your Business’ Chances of Getting Chosen

Are you having a difficult time landing new clients and customers for your business? If yes then maybe you are using techniques which are not that effective. In today’s world and generation, it is not your duty to find clients, but the other way around. And because of the Internet resources and tools, this is made not only possible, but much easier.

If you have been sticking to the traditional yellow pages, business listing for your site, you may want to upgrade it now. There are websites today which allow business add listing for your site. This means, potential clients would just visit these sites and be able to find your website among other firms. This will save you time trying to create links and use tools to direct traffic to your site.

But why do people prefer add listing websites? Here are several reasons:

  • They like reading content that has a neutral tone in presenting products and services. When you are supplying content for your website, you will surely opt for something that has high potential to sell. In directory listings, visitors would have the opportunity to read informative content in its raw form.
  • They are more inclined in reading summaries rather than browsing all the pages on your website. People today do not have all the time in the world to browse your website’s pages, and read them one by one. In fact, that is the same reason they are looking for products and services through the Web.
  • They do not have enough time to read everything on your website. As said earlier, your prospective clients do not have the luxury of time, so you better make each second count.
  • They like to read information that is precise and includes a simplified version of the business website’s content. Some content found on business websites are full of clutter, jargon and other technical concepts which would just scare off potential customers.

Now you know why clients and customers prefer business directory listings, you should make your move right now to have the edge over your competitors. All you need to do is inquire with reputable add listing websites such as Research Giant, and they would be the ones to provide and write your own business profile. They would also be the ones to place contact details and other information which your prospective clients might find useful.

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Submit Your Website

Never put your search engine marketing eggs in one basket. As apart of your online strategy directory submissions widens your search engine marketing strategy.  Submit your website to the Submit Your Website .

Any online directory service submits your business profile to various internet yellow page listings.  With manual directory submissions prospects will get a quick snap shot of your business online.  They can read it and visit your website for more information.

Drive more traffic to your website when you submit your website to the

  • Website link submission to internet yellow and white page listings
  • Increases your website visibility to attract more qualified buyers
  • Immediately lets prospects know you’re an authority who can solve their problems
  • Highlights your company products, services and benefits
  • Contains your website link, so qualified buyers can learn more about you

Increase your website visibility and traffic with a website link on the Research Giant.


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